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  • Model: GAV46F 6MM
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  • Dim: 34.00mm x 15.00mm x 15.00mm
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GAV pneumatic fittings from ItalyBayonet Coupler for 6mm Ø ID Hose


German male Bayonet rubber coupler

  • Hose Ø: 6 mm

Made in Italy 


Coupler and Nipple standards explained
Universal couplers were developed to be used interchangeably between three of the most commonly used types of fittings (Industrial/Milton®, Tru-Flate®®, and ARO®). The ARO style connector is found in industrial maintenance facilities. Tru-Flate® is used in most automotive shops. The Industrial style is ubiquitous, especially in the home workshop.

Below are some abbreviations and terms used in the industry.  

CH: Campbell Hausfeld.
This is a universal design and will fit most standards.
I Series:
Industrial. This plug design has been adopted by most coupler manufacturers. For this reason it is considered the industrial standard. No matter what the coupler looks like, if it mates with this plug, it is an "Industrial/Milton Interchange" design.
German Series:
This plug profile design is similar with US Industrial design, though, a little longer flat-bottomed “V”-shaped groove and its flow area is up to 2-1/2 times larger than US industrial interchange nipples.
A Series: ARO
ARO. This design is characteristic of the Aro-210 series, and requires a coupler of proper matching design. Although similar in appearance to the "Industrial/Milton Interchange" design, it can be easily distinguished because its pilot is longer and its ball groove is nearly round.
Universal / Milton (Industrial) / Tru-Flate® (Automotive) / ARO
European Type:
Universal type fits for the most popular interchanges including ORION, MILTON and ARO
Nitto Type: [JAP Type]
Japanese standard. Also referred to as N Series and is interchangeable with Nitto Hi-Cupla type couplings
U Series: Universal Air Quick Connect Coupler
US Industrial (MIL-C-4109F), Automotive (Tru-Flate®), ARO 210, Lincoln Long-Stem style, Also Euro standard nipples. Universal couplers are designed to accept the most common styles with greater flow capacity than standard couplers. It makes an extremely flexible coupling that permits multiple series nipples to mate with one coupler.
T Series:
The Tru-Flate® Design is recognized by the extremely short pilot; however, it has the widest metal section between the groove and the pilot. The sealing surface on the end of the plug is wider than other interchanges, resulting in better sealing and longer seal life. The Tru-Flate® Design Coupler utilizes the tubular valve which supports the seal and allows more airflow at lower pressure drops than most competitive couplers. The protective collar guards against accidental disconnect.
L Series:
The "Lincoln Long-Stem" plug design is the most easily recognized and identified. The long 3/4” pilot is so distinctive it can&t be confused with other designs. It will only mate with couplers of matching design and size.
S Series:
Schrader Twist-Lock design. Recognised and identified by a deep groove designed for toggle pawls. Designed to protect against accidental uncoupling.
Magnum Series:
Designed for high air flow requirements
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