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Commercial Department

The Vermont Sales Commercial Department is the driving force behind what we supply to the market. Here all sourcing, research and testing takes place before our customers see the product ranges on shelves in stores nationwide. All interaction between manufacturer and our company is managed by this department.

To keep our customers informed, our marketing team compiles information on a daily basis and distribute it via all our electronic channels and platforms. The department include passionate designers, artists and photographer to complete the workflow system. Truly an amazing operation headed by Dale Engelbrecht who is also a director of Vermont Sales.

Dale Engelbrecht
Commercial Director
Frik Els
Jaco Fourie
Inge Hunt
Graphic Designer
Pieter-John Erasmus
Packaging & Graphic Designer
Christina Prica-Botha
Graphic Designer
Shane Meiring
Commercial Administrator
Stefan lé Hanie
Fanie lé Hanie
Nilitia Steyn
Photographer | Videographer
Rynhardt Knoetze
Supply Chain Administrator
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