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Stock: 3 Model: FES575409 UPC: 4014549309063
Festool Cutting set SG-240/G-ISC Order number: FES575409 Model: SG-240/G-ISC ....
R 2,176.94
Ex VAT:R 1,892.99
In Stock Soon
Stock: In Stock Soon Model: FES575410 UPC: 4014549309070
Festool Cutting set SG-350/G-ISC Order number: FES575410 Model: SG-350/G-ISC ....
R 2,662.48
Ex VAT:R 2,315.20
Stock: 2 Model: FES575411 UPC: 4014549309087
Festool Cutting set SG-240/W-ISC Order number: FES575411 Model: SG-240/W-ISC ....
R 2,809.48
Ex VAT:R 2,443.03
Stock: 1 Model: FES575412 UPC: 4014549309094
Festool Cutting set SG-350/W-ISC Order number: FES575412 Model: SG-350/W-ISC ....
R 3,373.70
Ex VAT:R 2,933.65
Stock: 4 Model: FES575416 UPC: 4014549307021
Festool Saw blade DSB 240/W Order number: FES575416 Model: DSB 240/W ....
R 739.40
Ex VAT:R 642.96
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