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12.5mm cutters

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Stock: In Stock Soon Model: BLA MTB10B UPC: 091511501346
Olfa MTB-10B 12.5mm Endurance Blade For: CS-5 multi-tool Cat No: MTB-10B Qty: 10 /Pack This pack of 10 silver snap-off blades is specifically for our CS-5 multi-tool. The blades are designed to cut through packaging, linoleum, vinyl, foam board and other materials. The double-hone..
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  • 15/12/2023
  • 15/03/2024
Stock: 58 Model: CTR MT1 UPC: 091511200485
OLFA® Medium Sized Utility Knife MT-1 First ever 12,5mm wide blade with 0,45 mm thickness Blade Size: 12,5 mm Cat no: MT-1 Medium size cutter MT-1 with a 12.5mm-wide and 0.45mm-thick blade. For both left- and right-handed users. Featuring Auto-Lock system and a po....
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Stock: 57 Model: CTR XMT-1-3BB UPC: 091511220704
Fiberglass-Reinforced Auto-Lock Utility Knife Blade Size: 12.5mm Cat no: XMT-1 This knife is part of the X Design Series™, a powerful line of anti-slip grip cutting tools combining exceptional performance with innovation. Features an Auto-lock, cushion grip for maximum comf....
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