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Stock: 153 Model: MS1301E UPC: 5012718130110
Rotary Mower & Tool Sharpener Re-sharpens all metal rotary blades, re-edges spades, hoes etc. Features High quality Corundum, angled grinding wheel produces sharp new cutting edges on rotary mower blades, to the correct angle, in minutes. Wheel is reversible to give around 10 re-s....
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Stock: 48 Model: MS1501E UPC: 5012718150118
4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener Puts a sharp new edge on Features Puts a sharp new edge on straight-edge loppers, grass hooks, pruning knives & weed knives Simply place the guard over the cutting edge and draw the sharpener across the blade. The diamond-honed tungsten carb....
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Stock: 45 Model: MS1601E UPC: 5012718160117
Secateur, Pruner & Lopper Sharpener Puts a sharp new edge on the bluntest tools A complete new idea which puts back the precision sharp edge on your secateurs. This tool accurately re-grinds the correct cutting angle on all types of secateurs, both anvil and by-pass, loppers and pruning knives. ..
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Stock: 63 Model: MS1801EC UPC: 5012718180115
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Stock: 35 Model: MS8001E UPC: 5012718800112
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