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Ogee and chamfer

Stock: 1 Model: FES491135 UPC: 4014549077498
Festool Roundover/chamfer cutter HW S8 D23,1/R6/30° Order number: FES491135 Model: HW S8 D23,1/R6/30° ....
R 3,056.08
Ex VAT:R 2,657.46
Stock: 2 Model: FES491136 UPC: 4014549077542
Festool Roundover/chamfer cutter HW S8 D31,4/R6/45° Order number: FES491136 Model: HW S8 D31,4/R6/45° ....
R 3,265.26
Ex VAT:R 2,839.36
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