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NEW FESOOL TKS 80 EBS Table Saw with SawStop Technology

Every year approximately 4,000 people are injured on circular saws, corresponding to 16 injuries per working day. Around 26% of serious accidents even result in an accident pension (German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) statistics ‘Accidents at work 2017). With the new TKS 80 table saw, the risk of most serious cutting injuries during sawing is reduced. While you concentrate on your work, we protect your most valuable tools – your fingers.

We protect your fingers!

The first Festool saw with innovative SawStop technology for increased safety while sawing. If the saw blade comes into contact with the user's skin, it stops immediately and disappears into the work surface – the risk of serious cutting injuries is reduced.

Splinter-free cuts:

Fewer splinters on the upper surface of the material in mitre rip cuts by swivelling the saw blade to the left.

Flexible to use:

Max cutting height up to 80 mm, extentable work surface in length and width, and improved flexibility thanks to the angle stop.

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FESTOOL: Keeping all your fingers!


Integrated SawStop technology

The risk of serious cutting injuries is reduced.

Responsive sensor

If the saw blade comes into contact with the users skin, it is stopped within 5 milliseconds and disappears into the work surface.

Intelligent cartridge

A cartridge releases a pretensioned spring and pushes an aluminium block into the saw blade. After being triggered, the cartridge is replaced in just a few steps.

Flexible cutting height

Flexible cutting height up to 80 mm for larger cross cuts.

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