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Welcome to the Vermont Sales web index page. Here at Vermont Sales, we want your business to excel efficiently through our business relationship with you as a Retailer and Reseller of our products.
Vermont Sales is geared to fulfill most of your stock requirements in setting up a new store or simply extending your current product range. We pride ourselves in offering great service through our sales team and this website. The products we sell are backed by proper product testing, support and sales service.


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Maybe you have a question or looking for a career in Vermont Sales. In this section you can find information about our exhibitions hosted in our exhibition centre, find a store closest to you stocking our products.

New reseller customers can apply online for a 30-day Credit Account or COD Account. Furthermore, visitors to our website can find the closest store to them who carries our products on their shelves. Business owners can also book to visit our inhouse exhibition centre.

New product leaflets are released on a constant basis. One can also search in the Search Bar for information. Interesting articles on certain products are available through our Blog Posts.

Vermont Sales fully support all their products and brands. We offer warranty registration on certain brands. More will be released soon.

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Your stock file is available for download from the website in Microsoft Excel format. Login on the website, click on the ACCOUNT link and visit your account tab (the tab with the account number displayed). Click on Download Stock File under the Self-help section.

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