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Testing Centre

Here in our testing centre, we do comparative testing on quality and consistency by measuring the properties and performance of our products within technical standards. Our team has been meticulously selected to provide accurate data using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and measuring instruments.

The QC & Testing Centre consists of 3 core functions namely -

1. Testing:
Here is where it all starts as they would say. First, we receive samples from a new idea product to be added or a market interest product. Product research aids the development of standards and test plans. Guiding us through lab testing, practical testing, and in-depth inspections and evaluations before a final decision is reached and the report drafted, with a pass or fail outcome and no grey areas.

2. Quality Control:
Incoming shipments triggers a routine batch testing and are then compared to our set standard to ensure product quality is maintained.

3. Client Queries:
Assisting and engaging with our clients with products or further information to get their projects back on track as soon as possible. We consist of a strong, young, and knowledgeable team with different experiences working hand-in-hand with our Commercial team bringing you a product adhering to the highest standards before you see it on the shelf.


Ben Botha
Head Product Testing Officer
Doan Venter
Product Testing Officer
Pamela Chipatiso
Product Testing Officer
Jason Nkhabelane
Product Testing Officer
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