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Vermont Sales is proud to own the brand websites for the brands listed below. Our web presence is growing as we pride ourselves in offering the best solutions, best brands from around the world and proud service.
Vermont Sales itself is now known as the foremost brand promoter in the Southern Africa trade. Many international manufacturers and companies wanting to enter the Southern African market have knocked on our door, as Vermont Sales have proven success over the years in competently representing these ranges.

Tork Craft Power Tools and Accessories

Tork Craft

The story of Tork Craft goes back over 30 Years. Complimenting the whole tool industry with an extensive range of accessories to simply make your work easier and make the world go round. The focus is on the right tool for the job!

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AirCraft Pneumatic Tools and Accessories


The history of AirCraft goes back over 15 Years. The AirCraft brand offers a wide range of air tools, couplers and pneumatic accessories. Whether is it for a hobby to airbrush your model kit or for industrial applications, we have the right product for the task at hand!

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Pro-Tech Cutting Tools and Accessories


Pro-Tech Router Bits, Cutters and Saw Blades are known by Woodworkers in the professional and Do-it-Yourself trade for almost 35 years. The list of solutions is extensive offering great results.

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FESTOOL Power Tools and Accessories


Robust, powerful and efficient, these features are what we consider to be "typically Festool" and the reason why tradesmen trust in the reliability and longevity of Festool products. Solutions for a wide variety of industries including woodworking, automotive an construction.

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Kreg Tools and Accessories


The famous Kreg Pockethole Jig. Kreg Joinery™ is an incredibly fast, strong, and simple way of joining wood. In just three easy steps - Drill. Drive. Done! Experts and beginners alike can create incredibly strong joints with far less time and frustration.

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CAT Tools


The Cat® brand is instantly recognized for and always represents products that are rugged, durable, hard-working, high quality, and can be counted on to perform in any situation.

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D-Tech Tools


At D-TECH, we understand the importance of precision, durability, and efficiency in your cutting and levelling projects. Whether you are a professional contractor, a DIY enthusiast, or part of a construction team, we are here to provide you with the tools you need to achieve outstanding results.

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Olfa Tools


Olfa is a well-known brand that specialises in manufacturing high-quality cutting tools and accessories. The brand is particularly renowned for its innovative and patented rotary cutting system, which revolutionised cutting techniques for various industries, including crafting, quilting, sewing, and other DIY projects.

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Fixman Tools


Fixman tools - a specialist in mechanical tools and accessories for the complete workshop. Tool trolleys, tool boxes and complete tool sets for the workshop. Supported worldwide in 52 countries.

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Pinnacle Diamond Blades

Pinnacle Diamond Blades

Our range of diamond blades is designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, including construction, masonry, and roadwork. We offer a comprehensive selection of diamond blades, each carefully crafted with the finest quality diamonds and innovative bonding techniques.


Factory Tool Store

Factory Tools Shop

The Vermont Sales Factory Clearance store is an online outlet that sells direct to the public focusing on goods which may come without packaging or instructions manuals and maybe shop-soiled. Manufacturer warranties will still be honoured.


CAT Tools

Training & Exhibitions

Vermont Sales hosts a fully equipped Training Academy with experienced consultants and training facilitators to equip our customers' staff with the know-how to maximize profits in their stores.


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