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Catalogues A to G

Brands starting with A
Manufacturer Brand page Comments
  Download the full Automotive tools and products catalogue
ACCUD ACCUD: Accurate Measurement. Measuring tools of high standards and quality since 2010
Action Can One of the UK’s leading manufactures of professional grade maintenance chemicals since 1985.
AirCraft AirCraft pneumatic tools and accessories
Alpen Alpen drill bits is a trademark that stands for quality - The drill experts for professionals
Brands starting with B
Manufacturer Brand page Comments
Bondhus Tools that Work! Automotive Industry
Brands starting with D
Manufacturer Brand page Comments
Drll Doctor Drill Sharpeners that pay for themselves
Brands starting with E
Manufacturer Brand page Comments
Energizer Batteries that need no introduction
Brands starting with F
Manufacturer Brand page Comments
Felo Quality Tools made in Germany. What do the best tools feel like?
Festool Power Tools made in Germany. The tools everybody envies...
  Fixman FIXMAN is the leading brand in hand tools. 20 Years of manufacturing.
Flexipads Sanding pads, polishing tools and more.
Brands starting with G
Manufacturer Brand page Comments
GAV Pneumatic Fittings and Accessories