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With more than 60 Brands...

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Suppliers have many reasons why one should resell their products, but Vermont Sales takes a different approach. Let’s start with our service. Vermont Sales prides itself in being all about service. We offer the best service in our industry covering the entire Southern Africa region, as far as north as Zambia.

Secondly you are in the presence of over 60 different international brands to choose from.

Thirdly, we have amazing products – literally over 25000 line items to choose from.

Then the list continues with the excellent purchasing interfaces we offer making it simple and really easy for you to place orders, check back into history, view and print your past invoices, analysing your purchases… and the list goes on and on!

Here at Vermont Sales, we grow with our customers. We offer support at every possible level. A fully equipped Training Facility that will change the world for you staff in equipping the will skills that will increase their sales figures.

Vermont Sales is based on a really strong foundation, celebrating 35 years of service excellence to the retail industry.

With such an amazing offering, there should be no doubt why you should not open an account with us

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