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CAT Power Tools Distribution Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions around becoming a CAT Partner:

  1. CAT Partners will need to have a brick and mortar store, examples include and not limited to:
    • Traditional Hardware Store
    • Power Tool shop
    • Hire Shop
    • Industrial Supplies Shop
  2. A CAT Partner cannot return WORX power tools in order to carry CAT.
  3. Online Sales of CAT power tools has been restricted to the following websites and may not be sold on any other online platform.
  4. Social media and other online market places.
    • CAT power Tools can be advertised, but no pricing may be advertised.
  5. CAT power tools warranty
    • 1 year + 2 years after registering the machine via
    • All warranty repairs will be done by Vermont Sales.
  6. Training will be made available for dealer partners to attend.

Vermont Sales (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to not supply CAT power tools to a dealer. Vermont Sales (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions.

It is agreed that the terms and conditions above will be followed in order to become a CAT Partner, failure to comply may result in the stop supply of CAT power tools.

Vermont Sales (Pty) Ltd

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