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Introducing Pica Markers
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PICA Markers

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Pica Markers innovative capacity is made visible in various world’s first:

  • Pica invented the “deep hole marker” and has been copied many times, but was never reached. What’s about the original? No matter if you draft or label, if you draw a line along a level or a gauge or if you mark inside of a deep hole – all you need is one marking tool.

  • When ink marker ceases to work any longer, the most common reason is a dried out writing nib. Therefore we invented the “turnable nib”. Pica-Ink is the only marker with removable writing nib, so you can turn the dried out nib easily, giving your marker a second life, as it soon regenerates all by its own. This works fine several times and is always an enjoyable feature.

  • Another invention, exclusively available in every Pica-Ink is the “telescope tip”. Just like a slidable telescope, the guiding tube adjusts to the nib length over a range of 7 mm for a triple life span of the sensible writing nib.

  • The blueprint of a “quiver-like-cap” was not known until Pica marker invented it. Just see it as our gift to all handcraft workers for marking in a “single-hand operation”. With Pica you mark casually along the work - because we know, that you just have two hands.

  • Pica-Dry holds another novelty with technical ambition in its robust sharpener, integrated into the cap for a perfect function. You just find it there, easy to use, where we think, it’s supposed to be.

  • The latest unique development of Pica is our Pica BIG Dry, the first mechanical pencil for giant square leads, built tough for heavy duty. It is protected against dust and moisture and offers an extremely long marking capacity with every single lead.

  • Again, Pica marker took new ground presenting Pica VISOR – a board marking system based on dry gel crayon – for simple dry erase, but impossible to dry out. A real innovation for all conference rooms and schools and our distribution for a more sustainable eco-balance.

It’s our passion for useful details that makes every Pica the ORIGINAL!