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1. Our customers defined

Dear visitor, kindly note that Vermont Sales acts as a supplier to resellers. Vermont Sales will never sell directly to the public and therefor do not display prices on our websites.

Customer: A reseller who sells our products to end-users or the public
End-user: A customer of our customers

We would like to hear from you. All our details are listed in the Address details tab. Give us a call during office hours and we will gladly assist you. If you would like to send us an email, please complete the Contact Form and we will email you back or give even you a call.

Important Note:
Customers (resellers), should any of our ordering platforms be down for some reason, kindly email your orders through to orders@vermontsales.co.za
2. How to become a Reseller of our products?

We have two routes you can choose to follow:

  1. The easiest and preferred route is to simply click the Apply button right now and fill in our online application form.
  2. By Telephone: If you prefer, you may call our Accounts Department on Tel: 011314 7711 who will ask you to complete our Online Application Form
3. I would like to use your product information on my website

In order to use our product information, you need to be one of our customers with a valid account on our ERP system. We will then supply you with the appropriate links to import all our data for your website.

4. What are the benefits of becoming a reseller of your products?
  1. First of all, you will have access to over 50 different brands to choose from or simply sell them all.
  2. Our product data is updated in real time. Quantities and prices are real.
  3. We are continuously updating our product detail information and soon you will have access to over 12000 products that have detailed descriptions and specification helping you closing the deal with your customer easier.
  4. Resellers who login onto our website have access to a Resellers Portal where:
    • You manage your account with us
      •    Edit account information
      •    Change passwords
      •    Modify addresses
    • Download past invoices
    • View your orders
    • Use order history to analyse your purchasing history and make forecasts
    • Your account balance, credit limit etc. can be viewed.
  5. With Vermont Sales, you simply cannot go wrong!
5. I am looking for a job?

Careers at Vermont Sales

Vermont Sales is very proud of the fact that we still employ our very first driver and storeman, our tea ladies have gone on to become receptionists, clerks and telesales operators and stock-pickers are now merchandisers and sales people – it has been very rewarding to see our people growing with our business!

6. Password forgotten

I forgot my login details.

  • First of all, once registered and vetted for in our accounts department, you would have received a username and password. This username is normally the email address that you used when you registered your account with Vermont Sales.
  • On the Sign In page, click on the Forgotten Password link.
  • A page will open asking you for your E-Mail Address. This is the email address used when you registered your account.
  • Click on Submit and the system will email you a password reset link.
7. How do I activate my web account?

I have a Vermont Sales account. How do I activate my web account?

  • At the top right of the webpage, click on Sign In or on Activate your web account.
  • The Account Login page will open. Click on the Activate Web Account button.
  • Once the Vermont Sales Account Activation page opens, follow the steps to complete the activation. If you want more help, click on Online Help button. This will walk you through all the steps to activate your account.
8. How do I search for spare parts?

How do I search for spare parts?

  • In the Type Search Box, type your search query and hit ENTER.
  • The search page will open with the searched results. If the results do not display your searched query, retype your search query in the Search Box and click the Tick BoxSearch in spares” and click Search. If we stock your item, it will be displayed.